About us

More than 130 Feros roadshow days completed in 2019

Feros Advisers help companies to achieve their full potential on the capital markets. We work closely with management teams as a trusted adviser, and ensure a seamless day-to-day running of capital markets and proactive investor relations work. Clients from a wide array of industries and geographies trust our expertise in identifying the right investors to support their strategy in the long term.

Feros Advisers was founded as a result of the regulatory change in the European financial markets. We believe that companies increasingly need to take control of their capital markets communication. We provide the expertise to ensure our clients meet the right investors, communicate effectively and establish a long-term relationship with their shareholders.

Number of countries our clients are from

We completed more than 130 roadshow days hosted by Feros in 2019, and attended more than 30 days of investor conferences with our clients.

Feros work with companies from ten different countries, and across multiple industries ranging from tech to healthcare and basic materials.