Our Services

Our service based approach consists of three steps:

We help define the unique nature of their investment story.

We design a programme of targeting, educating and building direct relationships between our clients and the right owners of their equity.

We deliver frequent, timely and consistent information to all investors ensuring our clients build credibility.

Management Advisory

Feros are trusted advisers to the leadership of listed companies. We work closely with management and investor relations to establish an impactful equity story, develop a strategic roadmap for investor engagement, act as a sounding board, and be the first point of contact for all matters related to the equity market. We are never incentivised by anything else than working for our corporate clients, ensuring no conflict of interest.

Investor Relations and Market Outreach

Our approach to investor relations is different. We see this as a holistic process, where we accompany our clients on every step from defining strategic objectives to developing the equity story to investor targeting and eventually organising roadshows. Feros Advisers work hand in hand with existing investor relations functions or can take over the role entirely if there is no in-house capacity.

Market feedback

A cornerstone of our process to give our corporate clients unfiltered and continuous feedback from investors and potential investors. We also run larger perception studies if required, for example on the subject of preferred capital allocation.


We assist our clients in preparing a concise and impactful presentation for the use in their meetings with investors, and update it periodically. Feros work with management and IR to improve structure and content of what is communicated in meetings and at conferences, based on our assessment and investor feedback.

CMD and Analyst Days

Capital Markets Days are an excellent way of showcasing the investment case in more detail than is possible in a meeting. We have successfully prepared and executed capital markets events for our clients, from the save-the-date to the get-together afterwards.


We help our clients on special projects, particularly during corporate change. This might include but is not limited to the preparation of the investor relations strategy for the communication of an M&A transaction, capital measure or management change.